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Welcome to Stoltze's Maine Coon

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About us 

Welcome to Stoltze's Maine Coon -   a FIFE registreted cattery in Denmark.

We have offspring living in Denmark, Sweeden, Norway and Belgium.

We have fallen totally for Maine Coon cats, and are now from July 2014,  breeding this beautiful, wise and lovable big cat.

Our goal is to maintain the natural and classical look and size of the Maine Coon Cat, while ensuring loving and affectionate temperaments. Our kittens will be brought up with lots of love, care and attention, to insure the best start in life, just as we carefully select the new owner. All cats/kittens live together with us in the whole house.

In May 2015 we moved to another house 20 km north of Aalborg, where our family and the cats have more outdoor space.

We have made a outdoor area and in addition to free access to the entire house, now they also have the opportunity to go outside in the sun and fresh air ... whenever they like.

We are members of JYRAK, all our cats are registrated in FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline).

Warm regards

Tina & Kent Stoltze

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