Stoltze's Maine Coon

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IC DK Red Line's Dr. Hook

CH ES Omkara's Dance Me To The End of Love

Born 31.05.2019 




Stoltze's  Queeny           (option)

Black Torti Tabby with white (f 09 23)

Stoltze's My Lady           (option)

Black torti Tabby with white (f 09 23)

Stoltze's Sea Hawk

Black with white (n 09)

Stoltze's Black Hawk

Black with white (n 09)

  • Kittens are sold with a FIFE pedigree and health papers from authorized vet and a contract.
  • Kittens will be vaccinated 2. times, treated for worms, chippet and healt checked.
  • Kittens will be between 12-16 weeks before leaving home.
  • Kittens sold as pet will be neutered before leaving home.
  • Kittens will only be sold for breeding to a registered breeder.
  • Deposit will not be returned if buyer regret.
  • All our adult cats are DNA tested for HCM, SMA, PKD and PK-Def.
  • We will always be available for help and advice.