No kittens right now

  • OPTION - the kitten is under evaluation - but can be free later - requests are welcome.
  • RESERVES - deposit is payed fore the kitten.
  • SOLD - the kitten is sold.


  • FIFE Pedigree, sales contract and health papers from authorizes vet.
  • Kittens will be vaccinated 2 times, chippet and dewormed.
  • Kittens sold as pets, will be neutred before leaving home.
  • Kittens will be between 12-16 weeks before leaving home.
  • Kittens sold for breeding, will only be sold to a registered breeder.
  • All our adult cats are DNA tested for HCM, SMA and PK-Def.
  • Kittens are not sold for free runs, but are allowed to get out in closed environment or in a harness.

  • We will always be available for help and advice.

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